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is a documentary series on California State Parks. The two one‐hour programs remind viewers of the importance of California’s state parks and their priceless legacy while inspiring their preservation and protection.

 Point Lobos

“This exquisitely photographed and deeply intelligent film is at once a celebration of the California heritage as well as a challenge to preserve the natural environment and historical legacy at the core
of the State Park system.”

Kevin Starr, California State Librarian, Emeritus
Professor of History, University of Southern California

“Highly recommended, particularly for libraries in California.”
T. Keogh, Video Librarian

“Both potential park visitors and environmentally concerned viewers will enjoy
this beautifully shot program.”
Candace Smith, Booklist

The Story of California’s Magnificent State Parks – 1864 to the Present.

Available now on DVD and BluRay disc.

Two Complete Episodes – More than 100 minutes of running time.

Grade Level: 4‐12, College & Adult

US Release Date: 2012

Episode One

California Forever: The History of California State Parks highlights the discovery and creation of California’s state parks system and honors the individuals and groups whose passion and commitment helped preserve and protect them for future generations. It takes viewers on a scenic, cultural and historical tour of California’s state parks highlighting the people, key events and locales that made California history.

Episode Two

California Forever: Parks for the Future presents the very real challenges that state parks are currently facing. Among these are habitat destruction by overuse; protection of native species at the expense of recreation; reclaiming industrial brown fields to create new parks in dense urban areas; establishing historic sites that commemorate people and events from diverse cultures; and imminent park closures.

Written & Directed by Academy Award Nominee, David Vassar.

Produced by Sally Kaplan & David Vassar.

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“CALIFORNIA FOREVER offers educators an invaluable classroom tool for heightening interest in and understanding of American history. Through its vivid exploration of the Golden State’s rich heritage of cultural and natural landscapes, this two-part program makes clear how the building blocks of history—people, ideas, events—are tempered by the natural environment that envelops them.”

Jeffrey K. Stine; Curator of Environmental History, Smithsonian Institution

“This two-part educational series is a powerful instructional tool that engages students in learning about the physical and cultural landscape of California.”

Gay Hardwick, Elementary Teacher, Lodi, CA

“Those who do not know our conservation history are doomed to repeat the environmental mistakes of the past. CALIFORNIA FOREVER reminds us of the roots of this revolutionary conservation idea… intertwining the national park idea, the state park movement, and the evolving cultural identity of the fastest growing state in the nation. This is real 3-D, taking three different dimensions and integrating them into one richer more textured vision.”

Mark Madison, Ph.D., Historian – Founder, Conservation Film Festival

“The program beautifully integrates the history of the ‘park idea’ with a balanced treatment of current challenges to park management of competing visions and austere finances. Stunning visuals, thoughtful interviews, and insightful narration would engage any student that cares about the relationship between social well-being and the natural environment.”

Keith Gilless, Dean, College of Natural Resources, University of California, Berkeley

CALIFORNIA FOREVER is an important instructional resource that supports the newly adopted California Common Core State Standards in history and social science. Students in grades 6-12 can use this two part series along with information in printed/digital text about the California park system to analyze the relationship between a primary and secondary sources. This two-part video can help students distinguish between fact, opinion, and reasoned judgment in learning about California State Parks.”

Rob Williams, Principal, Modesto City Schools

“CALIFORNIA FOREVER captures the flavor of the Common Core standards in its emphasis in portraying our national values, what it means to be an American, with democracy at its finest. Not only does the documentary align with my English curriculum, it has strong connections to our social studies and science programs as well.”

Monika Rose, High School Teacher, Lodi, CA.

“I am sure CALIFORNIA FOREVER will outlive each and every one of us. I cannot imagine it not being shown across the state and nation for years and years to come.”

Alfred Runte, Ph.D., Historian and Author of “National Parks, The America Experience”

Anza Borrego

Awards and Film Festivals

Best Educational Program, International Wildlife Film Festival

Best Documentary, Yosemite Film Festival

Official Selection, Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Official Selection, Environmental Film Festival Washington D.C.

Official Selection, American Conservation Film Festival

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African American Studies
American Studies
Animal Behavior / Animal Rights
Aquatic Life
Asian American Studies
California History
Endangered Species

Environmental Ethics
Environmental Justice
Environmental History
Hospitality,Travel and Tourism
Native Americans
Natural History

Natural Resources
Public Policy
Recreation and Leisure
Social Science
Western US
Wildlife Management
Wildlife Biology

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