Welcome To Our Story Of California!

Welcome To Our Story Of California!
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We are thrilled to announce that yes, CALIFORNIA FOREVER has begun to have a life of its own! We’re here to keep you updated on all the exciting news that has started to surround the film, and the triumphs and threats, of our California State Parks.

The 75-minute version of Episode One is now complete and is screening in festivals and special venues.

Ah, what is this 75 minute version anyway? A little background — when we first set out to make this film, we had no idea PBS would air it. We created a story that begged to be 75-minutes in length. Then we took the show to KQED and they suggested the audience was bigger than only California. They wanted to present it to PBS for a national broadcast. PBS was thrilled. But PBS requires a one-hour program slot. We had our work cut out for us. The 75 minute show needed to be cut down to fit a one-hour programming slot. Not an easy task when faced with the embarrassment of riches the California Parks story begs to tell! In the end, instead of simply cutting the show down (for which we are still raising funds) we were green-lit to create an entire second program. We focused Episode One on the history of California State Parks, and turned to the future for parks in Episode Two. With the 75 minute film complete, we were able to present it to festivals and special screenings only. This version will not appear on television. Now we are happy to share news that we are entering the final stages of completing the television version of Episodes One and Two. Following notes from PBS, this week we had to bring the narrator back in to record revised narration. In the weeks to come, we face color correct and sound mix. All of this is very exciting because this will be the version that will appear on PBS nationally next Fall.

Stay tuned for more to come!


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