Special Event at Hearst Castle

Special Event at Hearst Castle
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March 9th was a special event and screening at Hearst Castle – sponsored by the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival

As they were awaiting the arrival of the many  VIP guests who were hob-nobbing up at the castle for a $400 dollar a ticket fundraiser, David and Sally circulated with others in the lobby of the Visitor Center tasting an array of wines from Hearst Ranch and appetizers.  Once the VIP guests arrived, including Drew Carrey, Ruth Coleman (director of California State Parks) and others, they filed in to the 5 story-high large format theater to view CITIZEN KANE on the big screen! The sold-out experience was both fun and extremely informative because the two-part television version of CALIFORNIA FOREVER will have it’s West Coast Premiere in this very same theater on April 24th.  The technical challenges are many – i.e. maintaining the high quality HD projection in a theater that was built for 75 mm film – but all is on course to show the screening properly.

The next morning, David and Sally drove south to downtown San Luis Obispo to screen the 75-minute version of CALIFORNIA FOREVER at the Palm Theater.  It is always wonderful to sit among an audience in these screenings – especially among a general audience such as this, versus one well-versed in environmental issues and parks.  We were pleased to see the program receiving such an enthusiastic response, but even more-so we were thrilled the house was so packed for a 9:00 AM screening! Thank you all who joined us!

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