Some exciting updates for CALIFORNIA FOREVER!

Some exciting updates for CALIFORNIA FOREVER!
12 years, 1 month ago 0
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Sneak peek previews are underway in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Marin, Oakland, San Diego and Berkeley. Stay tuned for exact dates, times, and locations. Landis Communications and Ignite have joined forces with Backcountry Pictures and KQED to launch a full-fledged promotional campaign. The cal4ever website has been refreshed, and now includes a press room, photos and a brand new preview clip for Episode 2, California Forever: Parks for the Future (See our main page for the clips).

Social Networking is in gear so you can follow us on Twitter, visit us on Facebook, and view clips on YouTube. Kickstarter is up and running so you can contribute to the program as we enter the final “count down” to raise funds still needed to deliver the programs to PBS, which will begin airing the programs in September. Please share the news!

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